Christmas at Thai Pavilion

(£23.95 pounds/ person)


Vegetables Spring Roll,Chicken Satay,Prawns Tempura, Thai Fish cake,Pork Spare Ribs

Main Courses

Chicken Massaman Curry
chicken in massaman curry sauce with potato and onion

Pla Kratiem
Crispy fried Sea bass topped with garlic butter sauce

Ped Pad Sweet Basil
Duck stir-fried with sweet basil, Bamboo shoot, Chillies

Egg fried rice & Steamed Jasmine rice


(£26.95 pounds/ person)


Vegetables Spring Roll,Prawns Tempura,Chicken Satay, Thai Fish cake, Pork spare ribs

Second Course

Tom Kha Soup (chicken or Mushroom)

Main Courses

Gung Chu-Chee
Giant King Prawns topped with red curry sauce

Ped Yang
Crispy duck topped with Tamarind sauce

Nuea Pad Kraprao
Beef stir-fried with basil leaves and fresh Chillies

Egg Noodles & Egg Fried Rice