A Story of Thai Pavilion & A Night of Elegant Dining


“GOLD” for Thai, means prosperity, wealthy, and something exquisite. The heritage of Thai arts and crafts has been portrayed in the use of gold and crimson red colour with gold-leaf in decoration for many hundred years, especially in the Grand Palace becomes an inspiration for decorating Thai Pavilion Restaurant. Exquisite gold-leaf plated panel, mirror, and artworks even the wall lamps inside the restaurant is specially designed and handmade to enhance elegant atmosphere. Interior colours and lighting are carefully selected to suit the pleasure for dining.

In order to show the unique Thai craftsmanship and arts, the decoration of the restaurant has been designed to offer three elite atmospheres. Once one step in the main entrance, the light will pass through the wood craft ceiling and touch the newcomer as if it means a warm welcome to the palace of fine dining. The main entrance has been built as so called “Sala” (Thai Gazebo). Teak wood colour of Sala has been chosen to reflect a normal Thai house. When entering the grand hall, beautiful wallpaper, three mirror windows, wall lamps, and the reception counter are waiting to welcome all customers. This section is also designed to suit a need for personal group party. The wood craft piece behind the bar, (the two Thai angels pouring flowers from heaven) mean the blessing to the visitors. The ceiling is decorated with chandelier and 7 golden stars made of gold-leaf plated wood collaged with main tiny colour mirrors.

The second hall is elevated with waterfall wall and beautiful orchid garden decorated with Thai designed handmade terracotta bird. The wood crafted Buddha, attached onto the column is the focal point of this area. The autumn fern colour wall reflects the exotic atmosphere for dining. In addition, the crafted golden-wood-wall has been lit up with lighting and hope to be the pleasant looking one.

Finally, the connected hall also remains the same elegant atmosphere but more subtle. A grand painting of Thai way of living and entertaining, the wall of water-fall and Angkor Art made of fibre, and the three wood crafted light boxes on the back wall are the attractions in this area.

Last but not least, Royal Thai Cuisine and heart-warmth service are the most important concern of the restaurant. To ensure that all customers will be friendly and luxuriously treated, Thai chefs from five hotels in Bangkok and staff have been carefully chosen to serve delicious foods. Every evening at The Thai Pavilion Restaurant, all staff definitely commit to making your dining experience a most pleasurable one.

A Touch of Gold… A Taste of Exquisite Dining… at Thai Pavilion Restaurant


37 Glumangate


S40 1TX

United Kingdom


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12:00 to 15:00
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12:00 to 15:00
17:30 to 22:00